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Stick your Ribbons and Elastics ON!
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  • POINTE STRIPS - Stick them on in SECONDS!

    Pointe Strips are used for permanently bonding your pointe ribbons and elastics to pointe & canvas ballet shoes.

    The Strips can be cut into 4 equal sections or cut to a desired length as you wish, but a minimum of 3 sections are required when sticking the Ribbons to pointe shoes, if not adding a Secure Stitch.

    The strips do not adhere very well in cold temperatures. The Pointe Strips should be applied at room temperature, 21℃/70℉, before sticking them to the ribbon or elastics and then to the shoes.

    • FASTER THAN SEWING: The Fastest way to install Pointe Ribbons and Elastics to shoes, and also invisible! You basically just stick them on to your ribbons and elastics, and then stick them to your shoes!
    • TRUSTED 3M ADHESIVE: The Pointe Strip is a Double sided adhesive strip by 3M.
    • INSTANT BOND: The strips bonds immediately and can basically be used straight away, just before class! However, for Maximum Bond we suggest waiting 24 hrs after putting them on.
    • EASILY REMOVABLE & SECURE STITCH: Your FRIENDS will be so AMAZED by your Pointe Strips and how FAST you were able to put your Ribbons & Elastics on, they will try to peel them off! STOP THEM by placing a single Secure Stitch across the seam of the ribbon and elastics.
    • MISTAKES HAPPEN: In the package you will find 5 Press On Pointe Strips but you only need 4! This a NEW and EXCITING way to put your Ribbons and Elastics on and mistakes happens, so we added an EXTRA STRIP for you!
    • REPAIR: Can be used to repair costumes or clothing at home as well.  Place the strip on the fabric and compress together.

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