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The Alpha truly looks and feels amazing on the foot. Unparalled quality and construction compared to your other half-sole shoes or dance socks, the Alpha creates the illusion of lengthening and amplifying the effortless beauty of the dancer’s body while providing the much-needed support. The heel is exposed and the lines of the leg and feet are accentuated to achieve the perfect look and feel.

    • Apolla 3 A’s Standard Support:
      • Revolutionary Arch Support
      • Ankle Stability
      • Knit-In Energy Absorption
    • Moisture wicking
    • Anti-microbial
    • Improved circulation
    • Sleek open-heel design for the minimal look to replace your half sole dance shoes
    • Snug fit in toes to accentuate the foot
    • Option for patent-pending, customizable invisible traction
    • Available in black or nude
    • Comfort tab on Achilles Tendon
    • Apolla Shocks® are anatomically correct. Click here to see how to wear them properly


Size Chart

​Please read charts and tips below to ensure the best fit:​

*The Infinite & The Performance are Unisex and the Alpha is gender specific.

Tips For Sizing

        • The Alpha Shock is a snug toe fit and the Infinite Shock has a freedom toe fit
          • If a dancer has a very wide foot and is on the top end of the size range listed, you may choose to go up a size in the Alpha Shock
            • For example, if they are a size 7.5 - 8.0 with a very wide foot, you may be more comfortable in a size Large Alpha Shock instead of the size Medium. Your sizing in the Infinite Shock should not be affected with a wider foot.
            • OR if for example, if you range between a 7.5 to an 8 with an average to thin foot...you will likely be a Medium. However, if you range between an 8 to an 8.5 average foot to thin...you will most likely be a Large Alpha.
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